Homemade things website category is Miss Homemade‘s catch all for things other than food recipes. Homemade thing topics include Clothes, gifts items, beauty products, and any other homemade things you use in everyday life. Our articles will teach you how to make things at home saving you time, money and give you a sense of accomplishment with the new homemade things you have created. Scroll down to browse through our homemade items and start a new homemade project today!

homemade face maskHomemade Face Mask

Making a homemade face mask is not only healthy for your skin but are easy too. Discover what types of homemade face masks work for normal, dry, acne or oily skin. In less than five minutes you can have an all natural face mask.

homemade play dough

Homemade Playdough

Making homemade things with playdough like shapes, people and food help toddlers develop motor skills. It also spawns imagination in their young minds. Carrying them onto preschool and kindergarten. 10 minutes and a few pennies.


miss homemade

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Homemade things like laundry detergent powder and liquid can help reduce a families monthly budget.Help solve allergy problems, baby safe and can be made custom with scents.

homemade shampoo  Homemade Shampoo Recipes

Split ends, damaged hair or just curly hair in need of a healthy change. Using natural ingredients it also works for dry scalp and dandruff while providing a shine and deep conditioning. Additional benefits include eco friendly low impact waste. Think about it. Would you rather put propane on your hair and put into our water supply or honey and milk?

homemade toothpasteHomemade Toothpaste

Learn how to make homemade toothpaste in just two easy steps. Homemade Toothpaste with baking soda and coconut oil only takes 5 minutes to make. Your pockets and mouth will be thanking you! Also included tips on essential oils to add and a homemade teeth whitener.

homemade body scrubHomemade Body Scrub

Homemade Body Scrub made from all natural ingredients will leave skin feeling soft and moisturized. Learn how to make homemade body scrub in less than 5 minutes with our step by step video. Find multiple recipes like Coconut & Sugar Scrub, Body Scrub for Acne, and an awakening Body Scrub with Coffee.

homemade drain cleaner

Homemade Drain Cleaner

Sometimes the things we need to make homemade are out of necessity not born of free will. Drain cleaner being one. Its been bothering you for weeks now slowly eating away at you. Its cheaper than calling a plumber. Why not give it a shot?

Is it Cheaper to make Homemade Things?

Of course it is cheaper to make things at home. Its no secret corporations make money by making everyday things we use. But it is all just smoke and mirrors. Many of the things we buy can easily be homemade for pennies to the dollar.

homemade christmas giftsHomemade Christmas Gifts

Cheer up anyone this holiday with one of our easy Christmas recipes or projects. Things for kids to make! Chippers in a Jar, salt dough ornaments, hand art reindeer and more.